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is a mess after the shooting there today. >> i was an elected official, a mother and wife. i made a terrible, bad choice and i'm responsible for making it. >> nadia lockyear confronts her demons and the sex and >>> good evening, again. a man suspected of killing a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is in custody. >> the 23-year-old paul ciancia is in critical condition, shot being arrested. he says he had a note with him saying he wanted to quote kill tsa and pigs >> six people including three tsa agents and the shooter were taken to the hospital. authorities grounded flights at lax. there could be more delays this weekend. >> we are live with what's happening there. it's quite a mess here. people are trying to get to their flights. travellers being dropped off a mile from the airport proving to be faster. chief thorough fares have been closed and has been a parking lot on a street that is open. people who arrived and tried to get home, many walking out of the airport meeting their ride in a strip mall. there are many roadside reunions others have been able to take a shuttle taki
intention at this point is to do my job that i was elected to do. >> reporter: that was calderon in june, hours after fbi agents raided his capital office. this sealed affidavit leaked to the cable news network, al jazeera america lace out several damaging fbi allegations. it includes that ron calderon took money in exchange for legislation to change california movie production tax credits. calderon says the fbi document has a film called mvie executive funnel some 27,000 bucks to his daughter for a job that didn't exist. any help you could do for my kids, calderon is quoted as saying, that's diamonds for me. and the tax credit legislation, calderon, i can make that play. but the capital play failed, the bill went nowhere. even so, ron calderon's relationship with the agent pretending to be a movie boss continued. a relationship the affidavit suggests the senator knew was trouble. we cannot have a conversation we just had, calderon is quoted as saying to the agent. we cannot a have a quid pro quo conversation. the alleged exchange of money and favors continues. a $4,000 vip table at this
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2